5,000 homes on Sutton's greenbelt

Andrew Mitchell, is continuing his campaign together with Sutton’s Conservative Councillors against the proposal from Labour-controlled Birmingham City Council to build 5,000 homes on Green Belt land in Sutton Coldfield.


The consultation period has now ended and further updates will come through later in the year.



Andrew and the Councillors are clear that they support building new homes but they feel that a more creative use of brown field sites, empty homes and areas in greater Birmingham mean that building on Sutton Coldfield's Greenbelt can be avoided.


The huge campaign in 2012-2013 has led to the number of homes earmarked for Sutton's Greenbelt being reduced from 10,000 to 5,000 but the fight will continue.


Local Conservative Councillors have delivered thousands of leaflets on the issue, petitioning residents door to door and in shopping areas and speaking at public meetings to raise awareness.


Public meetings were held throughout Sutton in 2014 and our MP Andrew Mitchell spoke at the Enquiry where he robustly made the case for protecting our Green Belt from Labour's attack.


For more information email us at info@suttoncoldfieldconservatives.com