The Awful State of your Roads

For sometime now we have been in despair at the state of our roads and the broken promises about imminent  repair.  When a resident contacted me and with superbly accurate line below:

Rowallan Road, Sharratt field, and Homer Road looks like the RAF have used them for bomber target practice

It confirmed, to me at least, it is time we all make   Birmingham City Council aware that we feel it is shameful that they have given their contractor Kier Highways £40 Million of our money to be responsible for the road surfaces in our ward (and the rest of   Sutton Coldfield), and they have done nothing other than let you, the residents of Sutton Roughley Ward down. 

Clearly this incompetency can cause damage to our car such as your suspension, over a period of time it may contribute to increased wear and tear occurring on your vehicle’s components, costing us money.

The roads need repair please sign the petition!


Sign the petition to fix the Potholes on Rowallan Road, Sharratt field, and Homer Road

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