Reddicap Ward Survey

It's been a tough year for people across Reddicap. But thanks to your efforts we're working together as a community. That's why we're asking you to tell us your priorities and concerns for Reddicap. By filling in this short survey, your feedback will help us to focus on the issues that matter and ensure your voice is heard.

I have been delighted to meet so many of you on our community clean-ups over recent weeks and see that, as we emerge from the lockdowns of the last year, our community spirit and pride in our area has grown.

As ever, there are also challenges. Roads still need improvements, travellers have been moved on and cleaned up after and yes, as always, Birmingham City Council must get better with the waste collection services which we all pay for! I am continually pushing for improvements on these, along with action on some serious and complex planning issues.

Works have continued (if at a slower pace) on the small improvements that impact so many of us. Pot holes have been filled, more and larger bins installed to reduce roadside mess, traffic calming measures put in place and the terrific work of the Town Rangers has resulted in many improvements, all of which make a big difference.

Yours ever,

Cllr Charlotte Hodivala

Reddicap Ward Survey

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