Save Boldmere Library

Boldmere Library under threat of closure

Due to the financial troubles of Birmingham City Council, libraries across Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield, including Boldmere Library, are under threat of closure.

Currently there is a real danger that Boldmere Library could be closed, with Labour councillors voting in favour of closures and against a costed Conservative plan which would preserve local libraries and other frontline services across Birmingham and Royal Sutton Coldfield. 

We cannot stand by and watch as vital frontline council services are closed. Enough is enough. We unreservedly oppose the possibility of Boldmere Library being closed as a brilliant service which provides local residents a place to have meetings, read books, and provides support and internet access for those who do not have facilities or need a bit of help. 

Please help us fight to keep Boldmere Library open, sign this petition and show your support for Boldmere Library and the important local service it provides.


Save Boldmere Library

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