Sign the petition to remove Brassington Avenue's Pop Up Cycle Lane

Birmingham City Councillor David Pears for Trinity Ward, and Birmingham City and Town Councillor Ewan Mackey thoroughly support cycling and green modes of transport in the Royal Town, but are disappointed to see a cycle lane that has not been properly thought through has been built on Brassington Avenue.

The two councillors are particularly worried about:

  • The lack of visibility for both cyclists and motorists when coming down and passing the ramp from the Gracechurch Centre Car Park.
  • The residents of Park Road have been massively inconvenienced due to their road becoming a one way street, residents parking their car can involve a number or wasted circular journeys all without consultation.
  • The cycle lane has also made access to Sutton Park and the Station Pub difficult.
  • Cllr Pears and Mackey are further worried about Christmas traffic outside of the Gracechurch Centre with queues creating visibility issues for both cyclists and motorists.

This comes days after Secretary of State for Transport, the Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP told Councils to stop abusing £250m fund meant for green transport revolution, in the below article he states that he will personally intervene and scrap the worst examples where local authorities have ruined high streets and residential roads

You can read more here:

Sign the petition to remove Brassington Avenue's Pop Up Cycle Lane

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