Weeford Road Petition

As any resident knows, Weeford Road is incredibly busy; especially between Little Sutton and Slade Roads. This is also true for the pedestrians who use the road to walk to local amenities like the Mitchell’s Art Centre, Chase Farm, and the Mere Green Shops.

However, residents have told us that the lack of pavements and streetlights makes walking the short distance incredibly dangerous. Not to mention impossible for those pushing a pushchair, or even a wheelchair.

And that’s why we are calling for the introduction of both pavements and streetlighting on this stretch of road.

The introduction of both pavements and street lighting would aid all residents; especially those walking from the likes of Aulton Road, Blaydon Avenue, Heath Croft Road, Little Sutton Road, Weeford Road and Harvest Fields.

These measures will allow all to walk safely without having to use the busy road which can be daunting during the day never mind dark evenings which are fast approaching.

If you agree that Birmingham City Council’s Labour administration needs to demonstrate a duty of care to the residents of Sutton Roughley Ward and construct a pavement and install street lighting please sign the petition below.


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