Cllr Ken Wood

Ken Wood represents Sutton New Hall ward, covering Wylde Green, Walmley, Thimble End and Minworth.

''Walmley, Minworth and Wylde Green are facing a problem more serious than any they have dealt with for a generation. The Labour run Council are planning to build 5,000 homes on their doorstep. This will not only spoil the surrounding countryside but also create numerous problems for the area.

Trying to drive through Walmley Village at rush hour is tough enough now. But with 5,000 new homes bringing thousands more cars and precious little in the plan for infrastructure we could see traffic chaos.

Then you have the related problems of access to schools and health services. Conservatives have been leading the objections from day one by distributing leaflets, collecting a petition and organising public meetings. With enough objections we CAN stop this vindictive Labour plan. Please call us on 0121 354 2229 if you want to learn more about these plans.

I am working with fellow my Councillor David Barrie as well as Andrew Mitchell to fight the Labour plan to destroy our Green Belt and to help residents cope with the introduction of wheelie bins (many have already contacted us to say they need assistance) and Labour's unfair 'Garden Tax' which will punish residents for wanting to keep their gardens tidy.''