Councillors go streetwise to support youth

A local youth project, designed to keep children off the streets of New Hall has secured funding to continue its work.

Streetwise, which is run by the YMCA, sends workers and volunteers out to “hotpsots”  identified  by the police to meet and engage with young people. Their aim is to build relationships, and divert children away from negative and potentially anti-social behaviour, discussing issues with them and involving them in meaningful activities.

Councillor James Bird went out with the Streetwise volunteers to experience at first hand the work being undertaken; “I can’t express how helpful the volunteers are. They engage with children in a positive and constructive manner. I have absolutely no doubt that they reduce anti-social behaviour through their work, and in doing so offer the children an alternative to what could be a troubled life”.

The project will see £5000 in funding from the New Hall community chest,  helping to aid projects  in completing sexual health awareness courses, talking about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse as well as continued street walks and workshops.

Heidi Bentley, a Senior Worker at Streetwise said; “It’s imperative we secure funding for the vital work we undertake. The New Hall Councillors have shown a true commitment to the youth in the area by supporting such a worthwhile scheme”.