Conservatives Will Continue To Deliver For The Royal Town

Royal Sutton Coldfield Conservatives have pledged to continue to work for the good of the community ahead of local elections on May 3rd and have urged residents not to allow “a cynical coalition of chaos” to bring higher taxes to the Royal Town.

Save Our Police Station

Andrew Mitchell MP has lambasted the West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner for his “outrageous” proposals to sell off its key Sutton Coldfield site to raise money to plug a funding gap.


Andrew Mitchell Slams Police Station Closure Plans

Every year, just before the festive period begins, I visit all of our uniformed services to thank them personally for all of their hard work. Amongst those I particularly thank are our local police.

Conservatives Slam Labour Park Charge Plans

Birmingham's Labour Council have announced that they plan to introduce car parking charges every day in Sutton Park. For somebody who uses the park every day, this could cost over £700 a year.

Labour Bin Chaos Costs Taxpayers

It has been revealed that the recent bin collection chaos cost local taxpayers a shocking £300,000 per week! Money that should be spent in our local community.

The astounding figures show the Labour controlled city councils incompetence, allowing the situation to spiral out of control.